Real Estate “Ecards”

I created three HTML email templates for a couple of Constellation clients to use. These were hooked up to the clients’ admins so their agents could quickly generate an email to send to their potential buyers to promote new homes. More details…

Communication Sciences & Disorders

This design is no longer used. This is another site that has moved to the new design for COEPS departments and offices. This was another pretty easy move as the department was quick in giving feedback and content changes to us. The only difficulty was the department’s lack of quality, up-to-date photos. More details…

Taking the Lead

Taking the Lead is an equine-learning center, meaning they use horses to facilitate “emotional growth and different types of learning”. This is another project I did with my friend/hosting provider Adam Meyer. Not a very difficult site to do, but fun all the same, especially since I think it’s such a pretty design and I’m …keep reading »

This design is no longer used. GameZombie is a group of students creating all kinds of media about games, including video series, reviews, editorials, previews, webcasts, and more. I helped the web team leader tweak the site design to be more visually appealing. I also designed the home page layout to feature certain GameZombie shows …keep reading »

This site no longer exists. I helped my friend/hosting provider Adam Meyer to do the HTML/CSS for this. It’s for members of the Green Bay Community Church taking part in the GROW curriculum, which has three parts: Learn, Love and Live. This was fun to do since there are three different page templates. Also, the …keep reading »