Kaleidoscope Poster

I created this poster for my Graphic Design I class. The poster represents a made-up concert for Dutch trance artist Tiësto in Whitewater, Wisconsin. Kaleidoscope is one of his albums. I also created a vertical poster.

CD Design

This CD and CD cover design was done for my Computer Graphics for the Artist class. I was presented with a song I felt invoked a somewhat sad, trance-like feeling, and designed this to represent the song. I wasn’t given the name of the artist, so I decided to put my friend Rizki’s name on …keep reading »

Phone Tracing

This is the result of an Adobe Illustrator exercise for my Graphic Design I class. The assignment was to trace a photo of an old-fashioned black phone in Illustrator using a different color, making the tracing look as realistic as you can. You could also get extra points for adding a little pizazz to it, …keep reading »

Fuzzy Magazine

Fuzzy Magazine is a fictional magazine I made a cover for. I did this for my Publication Layout class. The magazine is meant to be about any and all things cute and fuzzy.