MAGD 271 Midterm Usability Test Results

  1. What do you think is the purpose of this Flash document?
    1. To recommend a comic.
    2. To pick out a comic.
    3. I think the purpose was for someone who loves comics to introduce all different kinds to the reader. It was confusing at first, because I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to buy them or look for them on the internet if I wanted to read them. When it said “Comics” in the beginning I was thinking of the kind in the newspaper that aren’t long stories that could be a novel, so I was confused at first about that too.
    4. Perhaps a good way to show new comic material to test whether a comic strip will be successful or not.
    5. To inform about comics.
  2. How easy/difficult is it to find what you want?
    1. Very easy. I wish the whole line of text was clickable on the part where you pick fantasy, reality, or a little of both.
    2. Pretty easy. There were four categories to choose from. I should be able to click on the text for the fantasy/reality part instead of just the squares, though.
    3. Easy. Wish the text when you click fantasy, reality, or a little of both was a clickable thing. I could only click the bullet.
    4. Navigation through the Flash document was easy. Buttons were clearly labeled and easy to understand.
    5. Easy. I’d rather click on the words instead of the little boxes.
  3. How do you like the design/layout?
    1. Nice colors, good-sized fonts.
    2. It was good. I think the descriptions were a little wordy, but that could just be because I’m not a big reader.
    3. The layout is awesome. Maybe something more on the front page to explain that these comics are not one liner funnies like in the newspaper.
    4. Neutral to me, neither exciting nor boring.
    5. The design is OK.
  4. How easy/difficult is it to read the text?
    1. Very easy, except I couldn’t read the text in the samples well.
    2. In the samples, it was hard. My sight is bad. Otherwise, the text was fine.
    3. Easy. The font fits the theme.
    4. The comic strips were really hard to read. I had to zoom in to clearly make out the words of the text. Once zoomed in it became difficult to navigate the document.
    5. Easy.
  5. What’s your overall opinion of this Flash document?
    1. Seems to work OK. Overall, good design and easy to get around. I would like an easier way to get out of the document other than closing the window or tab.
    2. It was nicely laid out. I think you might want to have a thumbnail of the comic in the corner of the “I recommend” page.
    3. I like it and now I want to go read some comics! I hope you don’t take the site down after your project is done, so I can find the ones I want to read! Also, you should have included links to where you can buy or read the comics online.
    4. The music was pretty repetitive. Perhaps have the music change slightly when you choose a genre? Other than that it was fun to read some “new to me” comics.
    5. It’s nice and easy to use, though a bit simple. I’d like more pictures.