Work Posts

Real Estate “Ecards”

Ecard layout 3

We just finished these HTML emails we’re calling “Ecards” that just a couple of Constellation clients are using right now. They’re hooked up to the client’s admin so their agents can pick any of their properties and quickly generate a nice-looking email to send to potential buyers looking for new homes. And I got to …keep reading »

Com Dis Redesign

Communication Sciences & Disorders screenshot

Yet another site is being moved to the new design consistent across departments. This time, it’s Communication Sciences & Disorders (Com Dis). While I’m really glad to be part of this move, I’m also a little sad. Because of this whole move, I haven’t had as many chances to be creative in web design lately. …keep reading »

HPERC Re-Redesign?

Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Coaching screenshot

I’ve got another redesign in the works following this same template: Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Coaching (HPERC). The site is almost done now. It just needs approval from the department. It’s taken a very long time to get this going because the department wanted us to wait until they were ready to update their …keep reading »

Redesign: COEPS Departments/Offices

Occupational & Environmental Safety & Health redesign

After much discussion with the university webmaster, it was decided that all web sites within the College of Education & Professional Studies should look similar for the sake of easy navigation (see my posts about an OESH redesign and an HPERC redesign–the designs are very different from each other) and following web standards. We’ve been …keep reading »

HPERC Redesign

Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Coaching redesign mockup

The Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Coaching department needs redesigning and reorganizing. While I highly respect the person who did this site’s last design, it somehow got to be a jumbled mess of a million files… and I get to organize it all! Yay! (no sarcasm–I actually like organizing web sites) Anyway, I have one …keep reading »