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Taking the Lead

Taking the Lead screenshot

This site just went live a couple days ago, and I’m still pretty excited about it. It took me a while to get over how good it looks. That’s not me bragging because, unfortunately, I didn’t design it (wish I did though). My friend/hosting provider Adam Meyer asked me to do the HTML/CSS for it. …keep reading » home page screenshot

I helped my friend Adam Meyer with the HTML/CSS for the site while he works on all the back-end PHP/database stuff. The site is for members of the Green Bay Community Church taking part in the GROW curriculum, which has three parts: Learn, Love and Live. Creating all the styles for this was pretty …keep reading »

Rock Lake Improvement Association

Rock Lake Improvement Association screenshot

This was done for Stan, my boss, but not for WITRC. He paid me! It was nice. Design look familiar (again)? Yeah… well, that wasn’t my decision. Everybody likes “the wavy design,” (yes, people call it that) and Stan asked specifically for that except with different colors and stuff. This one was actually quite a …keep reading »

PT. Elemmelindo Multicipta Aria

PT. Elemmelindo Multicipta Aria screenshot

Aaaaand this site is complete! Well, almost. There are some CSS changes I have to make because it’s just a tiny bit buggy in Mac browsers still, but at least the site is finally where it’s supposed to be at By the way, don’t ask me what the name of this company means. I …keep reading »