Nugget 404 Page Design

Several years ago, I made this 404 error image for my own web site. It’s a ripoff of one I saw on 4chan once, and I don’t use it anymore.

Nugget 404 image

I bring this up because I found that someone was admiring my work on! It’s an old article now, but I was never told about it. I found out while looking at my site’s analytics, where I found out some pages on deviantART that link to this site since I used to have an account there. After a bit of research, I found the article. I’m a bit bothered that I didn’t find out about the article until now, but I’m more excited about the recognition. Yay!

What’s with the mouse, you may ask? I created this when I was excited about a character I created called Nugget, a computer mouse. She has a Windows logo on her side because… well, I prefer Windows. She was my site’s little mascot, but I thought I probably shouldn’t have her on my site if I’m trying to be more professional. I have missed Nugget horribly, and I hope one day I can bring her back somehow in whatever small way possible.

Here’s another Nugget piece I did. This one was inspired by those times when you need to delete old files, but are scared to do so in case you realize you needed them later. Nugget has no such fears.

Nugget getting ready to delete a file

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