screenshotIf you didn’t know, GameZombie is a really big deal at UW-Whitewater. It’s a group of students creating all kinds of media about games, including video series, reviews, editorials, previews, webcasts, and more. The team is led by UWW lecturer Spencer Striker, the creator of GameZombie. For students, contributing to GameZombie could mean some pretty nice resume additions.

This is my first semester working with GameZombie, and I’m one of three students on the web team. I’ve been helping the web team leader tweak the site design to be more visually appealing. It still needs a little more tweaking and we need to do more work with other teams to get everything looking perfect, but the big stuff is done.

The site is in WordPress, and it used to be a modified version of the 2010 theme. I recreated the theme and customized it to fit GameZombie’s needs. I also designed the home page layout to feature certain GameZombie shows and videos. Check it out at

Edit 10/22/16: This design is no longer used.

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