HPERC Re-Redesign?

Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Coaching screenshotI’ve got another redesign in the works following this same template: Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Coaching (HPERC). The site is almost done now. It just needs approval from the department. It’s taken a very long time to get this going because the department wanted us to wait until they were ready to update their content, which took months.

A few people have told me they don’t like this design much because they feel the red/maroon and purple don’t go together. I sort of agree, so I might need to choose a different accent color. No big deal though; it should be an easy fix.

If you pay attention to my blog, you might’ve noticed I already created a redesign for HPERC. Well, that one got tossed out the window now that we’re being consistent across departments in the college. So, I’m calling this a re-redesign.

Anyhow, I’m super eager to get this site live. You might understand why if you look at the current site–in my eyes, it’s poorly organized and some parts are outdated. I think it’s just a mess.

Edit 10/22/16: This design is no longer used.

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