Zeta Phi Eta Redesign

Zeta Phi Eta: Alpha Phi Chapter screenshotThis is only sort of a redesign. I just thought it needed a facelift, and to be honest, it still needs a bit of work in my opinion. It should look better once/if I get Zeta’s blog working, which is turning out to be a bigger pain in the butt than I expected.

On a happier note, we finally have access to our UWW web space, orgs.uww.edu/zetaphieta! For the longest time (almost a whole academic year), I’ve been wanting to get access to it but couldn’t. This is  because the password had expired and you have to bend over backwards to get people to reset the damn thing.

You may be saying, “Erica, why is it so important to have the Zeta Phi Eta site at that address?” Well, it’s because 1) we’re supposed to use it, 2) it looks unprofessional and unofficial to be using my student web space for an org site, 3) more people recognize orgs.uww.edu addresses and therefore we’re more likely to get visitors at that location, and 4) the orgs web space has the same username and password as the [email protected] email address. Lots of people email us at that address because it’s what we’re supposed to use, so we’d be missing a lot of people’s questions and other important emails.

So anyway, I’m basically happy. Frustrated, but happy.

Edit 10/22/16: This site no longer exists.

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  • Kevin says:

    Why IS it so important to have the Zeta Phi Eta site at that address?But seriously, nice work!

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