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ESL/Bilingual Education screenshotGot the new ESL/BE site up this week, and it’s quite pretty if I do say so myself. See it here.

I really hope the department is able to update the announcements regularly. We didn’t set up any fancy code to make a really easy-to-use interface to add in new announcements. We just decided we don’t have time for that and we’re just going to have to train the person who’ll be updating it how to make HTML links, anchors and list items, and tell them to remember to delete older announcements. Oh, and tell them to format it right.

It’s not that learning basic HTML is hard, it’s just that some people A) aren’t willing to learn HTML, B) struggle learning it,  C) don’t understand the concept of HTML, or D) all of the above. I understand this fact, but I never know exactly how I’m supposed to teach people like that. It’s things like that that make me appreciate good teachers who are patient and understanding even when dealing with the struggling student.

Edit 10/22/16: This design is no longer used.

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  • Gramps says:

    NOOOOO…you can’t Google it! I have used this one for years on kids. A steer is a bull that has been cut….a heifer is a virgin female cow. A farmers bull is a ‘cattle’. The word cattle being like the word deer meaning either sex. Now that is what I have been teasing kids with for years…but perhaps I had best look it up myself to be sure I am not blowing smoke!
    I won’t do facebook…and I supose these comments are off topic so I will now let this site be. I have clicked on all there is to click on and I am proud of you. I read your indicession on what to major in and truthfully, I am glad my working days are over. I see little future in almost any field! Perhaps I am just a pessamist. Love Gramps

  • The farmer’s bull? Is it a steer? Or a heifer? I don’t remember. I could just look it up, but that would ruin this little quiz.

  • Gramps says:

    I had one year in nineth grade. Of course all I remember is to count to 15 but my computer can change English into any of 100 languages. Of course if you figure out the language I use, you too can have your computer translate it back into English. I am sure I just tought you nothing there but how about this…Mares and stalions are horses, corect? What is the farmers bull?

  • Fortunately for me, I took 3 years of Spanish in middle school and another year or two in high school. You won’t get me that easily!

  • Gramps says:

    Bueno, mi nieta, miré a ese sitio y decidió a confundir y darle algo a preguntarse sobre los que en horas de la madrugada cerca de la medianoche. Por lo menos yo si puedo convertir a este párrafo en español! El amor, tu abuelo.

  • I’m sorry I had to leave so quickly too. If only Christopher had his wedding on spring break weekend instead!

    The song is about how this guy wishes he didn’t have to leave in the morning. It’s a really dreadful day. Not that I don’t miss my family in America, it’s just a sad time.

    It’s true, I’m accustomed to getting little sleep. Most of the time, no matter what time I wake up, I still won’t be able to fall asleep until around 2 or 3 am. Guess I’m just a night owl.

    Anyway, thanks for favoriting me Grampa!

  • Gramps says:

    Dang…the L’s now show right side up! College prank or just a mystery! Gramps

  • Gramps says:

    Well, How come my l’s are upside down here? I don’t trust people not in the business learning that code language! The first thing they do is write viruses’ and/or turn my l’s upside down!
    As you know I can’t hear so I can’t remmaniss with you on that song here.I can’t spell either! I am sure sorry you had to duck out of Lake Charles so quickly! You were gone almost before I knew you were there! I also see you got to bed last night ….actually…THIS MORNING! College kids don’t need sleep? llll. Nope…they haven’t fliped right side up yet! Love Gramps
    I will add this site to my favorites.

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