March 2010 Posts



Took their logo and colored it because they asked me to.  Click it for a larger image.  

Student WEA Draft Designs

Student WEA Draft Design 2

Student WEA (or StWEA) is the student version of the Wisconsin Education Association (WEA), and it’s time for the UW-Whitewater chapter to get their site redesigned.                       Edit 10/22/16: This design is no longer used.

New ESL/Bilingual Site!

ESL/Bilingual Education screenshot

Got the new ESL/BE site up this week, and it’s quite pretty if I do say so myself. See it here. I really hope the department is able to update the announcements regularly. We didn’t set up any fancy code to make a really easy-to-use interface to add in new announcements. We just decided we …keep reading »