Work Posts

OESH Redesign in Progress!

Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health (OESH) redesign mockup

Time for the Department of Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health (OESH) to be redesigned! I hope they like this… sadly, even if they do like it, I won’t get to code it myself. Wah! Update: I probably get to code this after all! The department said they’d like to work with us on this …keep reading »

WITRC Redesign

Wisconsin Instructional Technology Resource Center screenshot

I finally got to redesign my work’s web site! If you haven’t seen the old site, you have no idea how badly it needed it. This project was put on the backburner for a long time since my boss wanted to wait for a new employee to redesign it for some educational experience in web …keep reading »

ECE Done

Early Childhood Education screenshot

This design look familiar? I bet it does. I kinda thought ECE and ECE4U should look similar, since ECE4U is part of ECE. Make sense? Edit 10/22/16: This design is no longer used.

ECE4U Completed

Early Childhood Education Online Cohort screenshot

Well, another site completed: ECE4U. I’m quite happy with this design and so is everybody else apparently, but it took a long time for content to come in for it and I’m bored with it now. Soon though, we’re putting Early Childhood Education (ECE) up with a new (and very similar), but prettier (in my …keep reading »



Took their logo and colored it because they asked me to.  Click it for a larger image.